Environmental Migration

Fleeing from climatic disasters

Human-Environment Hotspots

Conflicting zones between human activities & natural environments

澳洲幸运5全国开奖快速官网-幸运奥五官网开奖记录历史 Security

Providing culturally appropriate, healthy, & abundant food for every human being

Population & Built Environment/Infrastructure

Developing population-driven solutions to enhance resilience for critical interdependent infrastructures


Using nontraditional data & innovative methods for studying socio-environmental systems

Continents being analyzed
Long-term, active projects

The Environmental Demography Network (EDeN) is a research group dedicated to understanding the complex interactions between humans and their environments.

The human system includes social, economic, political, and behavioral components; the environment is built, biological, geophysical, and chemical; and the interactions include dynamics, 168澳洲幸运5开奖信誉开奖软件网站-官网开奖结果查询-澳彩五开奖官网结果直播, and feedbacks. Our EDeN Research Group develop and apply innovative spatial, qualitative, and big data methods to traditional and non-traditional data.

Our mission is to develop solutions—social, economic, institutional, infrastructural, ecological—to help all actors reduce their carbon emissions AND help a diverse range of populations become more resilient to environmental changes.

Our People

Pursuing Opportunities for Long-term Arctic Resilience for Infrastructure and Society

This transdisciplinary project serves as a platform to integrate three convergent research pillars—human-environment hotspots, food security, and migration—with education, local community engagement and outreach, international comparison and collaboration, and external evaluation, in order to create resilient Arctic communities in the face of a changing environment.


168网-澳洲5手机新版开奖官方-正规官方国内体彩-幸运澳洲5开奖结果走势-精准预测计划 to integrate and analyze big contextual and social media data and to generalize for social science research

Based on 60+ terabytes tweets, this project evaluates the (mis)representativeness of Twitter data and develops weights to generalize the data, which will create opportunities for social scientists to take advantage of the rich social media data.

Twitter Project

Community-driven innovation for infrastructure development in rural Alaska communities

This project aims to understand the importance of bridges for the well-being of remote communities in Alaska and to develop a protocol for other remote communities to work together to identify and apply funds for constructing, monitoring, and maintaining bridges.

Bridging the Arctic

COVID-19 preparedness in remote Alaskan fishing communities facing rapid, massive, seasonal in-migration

In late spring 2020, around 13,000 people were estimated to descend on the Bristol Bay region of Alaska to participate in the world’s most valuable wild salmon fishery. The region’s only 极速赛车一分钟开奖结果查询记录、官网开奖记录最新 has 16 beds and two ventilators to serve a regional population of about 7,000. This project investigates the complexities of a public health crisis in an area economically dependent on a seasonal commercial fishery.

Fishing Communities