Dr. Guangqing Chi, Principal Investigator


Dr. Guangqing Chi

  Dr. Guangqing Chi is a demographer skilled in spatial analysis. His program of research seeks to examine the interactions between human population and the built and natural environment upon which we all depend. He has been pursuing this objective through three interwoven areas of research: transportation and demography, natural amenities and rural development, and population estimation and forecasting. The three areas of research build upon his methodological strengths in spatial analysis and statistics and spatial demography. In 2007, Dr. Chi received the Walter E. Terrie Award from the Southern Demographic Association for his development of spatial regression models for small-area population forecasting. His research has been supported through grants from National Center for Intermodal Transportation, U.S. Department of Transportation, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Mississippi Highway Patrol, Mississippi Office of Safety, and the Henry Family Research Fund of the College of Arts and Sciences at Mississippi State. Much of his published work has appeared in internationally prestigious journals such as Demography, Regional Studies, Urban Studies, Rural Sociology, Accident Analysis and Prevention, Annals of Regional Science, Growth and Change, and Population, Place, and Space. Further information about Dr. Chi's research can be found at http://www.landdevelopability.org/chi.


Derrick Ho, Research Fellow


Derrick Ho (Hung Chak Ho) is currently a College Professor at the Department of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences, Okanagan College. He is specialized in remote sensing and spatial modeling. Derrick's previous research included urban planning, environmental monitoring, coastal studies, and criminology. His current PhD research focuses on the effect of urban heat island in coastal cities. Derrick Ho's profile:  http://www.sfu.ca/~hohungh


James Beaudoin, Research Fellow


James Beaudoin is a GIS web/applications developer with the Applied Population Laboratory (APL) at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Much of his work at the APL has been researching and developing new and cutting edge techniques for bringing demographic data to the web.  His expertise is developing interactive applications through the use of Open Source tools for demographic data dissemination.  

James Beaudoin's profile: Link


Dr. Stephen J. Ventura, Advisor


Dr. Ventura is a professor at the Department of Soil Science, University of Wisconsin-Madison. His expertise is in GIS analysis, environmental science, landscape modeling, and land use planning.


Dr. Ventura's profile: http://soils.wisc.edu/people/faculty/ventura/


Dr. Arthur G. Cosby, Advisor


Dr. Arthur G. Cosby

Dr. Cosby is a William L. Giles Distinguished Professor and also serves as Director of the Social Science Research Center at Mississippi State University. His expertise is in medical sociology and public sociology.


Dr. Cosby's profile: Link


Dr. Robert L. Boyd, Advisor


Robert L. Boyd

Dr. Boyd is a professor and a Clinton Wallace Dean's Eminent Scholar in the Department of Sociology at Mississippi State University. His expertise is in urban sociology.


Dr. Boyd's profile: Link


Dr. David Levinson, Advisor


DavidDr. Levinson is a professor in the Department of Civil Engineering, University of Minnesota and Director of the Networks, Economics, and Urban Systems (NEXUS) research group. He also holds the Richard P. Braun/CTS Chair in Transportation. His expertise is in transportation economics.


Dr. Levinson's website: http://nexus.umn.edu



This research is conducted at, and supported by, the Population Research Institute, Social Science Research Institute and Department of Agricultural Economics, Sociology, and Education of the Pennsylvania State University. The interactive webGIS map is hosted and maintained by the Computational and Spatial Analysis (CSA) Core at the Pennsylvania State University.